At Northowram we have a very supportive PTFA, who provide a great deal of extra funding for the school by holding events throughout the year.

Events that have been organised by the PTFA include Fayres, Secret Shop, regular Discos, Family Fun Nights, Northowram Primary school ball (over a number of years) and concert Raffles, as well as many other things.

People have a great time at such events and the funding has provided many extras for the children. In particular, the PTFA have funded extensive improvements to the playgrounds and have bought equipment, they have funded numerous coaches for trips, provided fantastic kits for our sports teams and have gifted the children, who have left Year 6, with fabulous gifts to commemorate their time in our school.

They make a huge difference to the school and we are very lucky to have such dedicated support.

Any parent or carer can contribute to the work of the PTFA by attending meetings, helping out at events or attending events.

Our PTFA has a very active Twitter page. You can view it here and stay up to date with all the latest.

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The PTFA have an active Facebook page too, which can be accessed through the link below.

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